Deafness and Neural Plasticity Lab

Velia Cardin's Lab. Brain, Deafness and Neural Plasticity Research.

Deafness and Neural Plasticity Lab

School of Psychology, University of East Anglia


Welcome to the Deafness and Neural Plasticity Lab, run by Dr. Velia Cardin. We are interested in understanding how the human brain works, and what are the possibilities to enhance and restore its function.

Our primary line of research is on human deafness. We want to understand how the brain reorganises when people cannot hear, what compensatory mechanisms arise as a consequence of deafness, and how this impacts cognition and perception.

We hope that our work is of use not only to other scientists and academics, but specially to deaf people, their families and society in general.

See us on 26th October at the Norwich Science Festival. Visit our stand and Learn to Sign!


We are recruiting volunteers for a new project! Come and help us finding how the Deaf Brain works! Contact our lab, or find information here



Into music?

See this video, where Velia talks about the experience of music in deaf people, and the neuroscience behind this phenomenon. This was done in collaboration with Guerrilla Science UK for the Sencity Multisensory Event.

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