Upcoming! 26/10/2018 Talk at the Norwich Science Festival

The brain’s potential for change: insights from deafness. Friday 26 October, 12:00-12:30

Upcoming! 12/10/2018 The lab will be travelling to the Blind Brain Workshop organised by Davide Bottari in Lucca, Italy. We are really looking forward! Keep tuned for specifics about our talks and posters.

13/07/2018 We had a great time at the Norfolk Summer Deaf Festival. Great to meet lots of interesting people and organisations!

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04/07/2018 Summer lab picnic! Fun times in our lovely campus.

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17/01/2018 First lab meeting of the year! Exciting stuff coming up!

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10/01/2018  Welcome to Dr. Barbara Manini, who has joined the lab as postdoc working on the project “Does the deaf auditory cortex have a role in cognition?”

01/12/2017 Welcome to Ms. Madeleine Smith and Ms. Chloe Orme, who will be volunteering in the lab during this academic year. Also welcome Dr. Alexander Taylor, who will be working on a project on cognitive development in deaf children.

05/10/2017  Talk at the Norfolk Deaf Association: “What happens to your brain when you can’t hear?” Come along!

25/09/2017  Welcome to Ms. Valeria (Lera) Vinogradova! Lera joined the lab as an MRes/PhD student.

12/09/2017 We are re-advertising a postdoctoral position in the lab.  Project: “Does the auditory cortex have a role in cognition?”. Get in touch for more info. Deadline 2nd October.

03/09/2017 New paper out! The Organization of Working Memory Networks is Shaped by Early Sensory Experience”

19/07/2017  Didn’t make it to Pint of Science? Come to “The wonders of the deaf brain” talk at the Norwich Deaf Centre!

17/05/2017 NEW! Postdoctoral position in the lab to work on the project “Does the auditory cortex have a role in cognition?”. This position is now closed. 

15/05/2017 Talk about “The wonders of the deaf brain” at Pint of Science Festival, Norwich (with BSL interpreters). Don’t miss out!

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16/03/2017 Great news! Velia has been awarded a New Investigator Grant from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council  (BBSRC) for the project “Does the deaf auditory cortex have a role in cognition?”.  Collaborators include Prof. Bencie Woll and Prof. Martin Eimer. The project will start in October 2017; recruitment of Postdoctoral Research Associate will start soon!

20/06/2017 4th International Conference on Cognitive Hearing Science for Communication in Linköping, Sweden. Velia is one of the keynote speakers!

08/03/2017 Velia is giving a talk at the University of Leeds: “Neural plasticity, language and cognition in the deaf brain”.

01/12/2016 Just published! New blog for Action on Hearing Loss: ‘How hearing loss and ageing affect the brain’.

16/11/2016 In Moscow working on:

Bilingualism in sign language and spoken language: a study of brain plasticity


04/11/2016 Velia gives the departmental seminar at the IoPPN, London.

26/10/2016 School seminar ‘Neural Plasticity – what can we learn from congenital deafness?’

01/07/2016 Velia joins the School of Psychology at UEA as a lecturer.

03/06/2016 Neural plasticity workshop organised by Prof. Bencie Woll and Dr. Velia Cardin. Find the abstracts and program here.